About Us

Vinayak Astro Tantra Point

Vinayak Astro Tantra Point has been providing astrology services in Udaipur region since last 15 years covering the spans of Vedic astrology methods such as Horoscope analysis, predictions and their Remedies, Numerology, Vastu Shastra (Residential & Commercial), Palmistry, Tarot Reading, Lal Kitab, Face Reading, Gemstones & Rudraksha, and All Other worships (Pooja & Upashna).

Learn Astrology – The Team also provides interested devotees, a complete learning and practice facility of astrology such as – Horoscope, Numerology and Astrological Gemology.

Indian Astrology is the oldest system of astrology in the world and differs considerably from the western system. Indian astrology uses the actual constellations of stars as seen in the sky. Using this system gives a completely different chart as compared to the one used by western astrologers, as the Indian astrology is based on the date, place and time of birth. Vinayak Astro Tantra Point offers you best of services in astrology Personalised Horoscope, Birth Chart Interpretation, Match Making, Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, Palmistry, Face Reading, Gems Consultancy, Birth time rectification, Remedial Consultancy, Reports, Saade/sade Sati report, Manglik report etc.  

 Everyone in this world wants to know their future. To know about your future, the service is available all over the world. Astrologers are now seen in every part of the world giving their services to people.

 Vinayak Astro Tantra Point is one of its own kind which has shown better accuracy in predicting future and helping services for those in need. 

 work as a support function for those who are confused in life , need the expert advice regarding betterment of future, want to live a happy and a healthy life.Nobody in this world can guarantee 100% accuracy in giving future predictions, neither does us. However Vinayak Astro Tantra Point have provided special efforts to provide you maximum accuracy in predictions and giving better services as well.

 Vinayak Astro Tantra Point is an innovative way to make life better by providing the best suggestions and consultancy and giving best services for those in need. Vinayak Astro Tantra Point covers all the aspects of life which are as follows:

  • Life report
  • Marriage report
  • Match making report
  • Career report
  • Business Report
  • Prashna Kundli
  • Numerology Report
  • Gem consultancy
  • Puja and remedies
  • Gemstone Consultancy and Much More.